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90W 6040 600X400MM CO2 LASER CUTTER

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90W 6040 600X400MM CO2 LASER CUTTER

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  The 6040 Pro is a mid-priced yet full-production CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine, with a high precision laser tubeand support of popular industry standard cutting software.  Complete with your purchase is a full fume extraction/laser chiller system. 

All of our machines are tested and fitted to meet your requirements, if you wish to see the 6040 pro before purchase contact us to arrange a viewing at our showroom in Birmingham, UK. 

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About the 6040 PRO Laser Cutting Machine


This 6040 PRO laser cutter is a mid-price, full production laser machine with all the high-end model features. The 6040 pro has long lasting guide rails and bearings for precision and repeatability.. Ideal if you're looking to cut quality products on demand.

It is able to laser cut through materials such as; acrylic, plywood, MDF, most fabrics, rubber plus many more materials.

Some of the popular features of this machine includes; A drop down front/rear panel to allow larger objects to be processed, RDworks DSP controllers and software, Laser Chiller CW500 for optimal extraction & easy transporting options allowing you take apart the machine to fit through a standard doorway.

We forgot to mention it has enough power to engrave slate, glass, marble and also metals with the aid of MarkSolid.

We Provide 12 Months Warranty and excellent UK Technical support by phone and email, get in touch with us if you need any advice or questions reagarding the 6040 Pro laser machine. 


Included with this purchase:

1x 90W Laser Engraving Machine
1x Air Pump
1x Air Exhaust Pipe
1x Fume Extractor Fan
1x USB Cable
1x CD and Manual
1x Power Lead
1x CW5000 Laser Chiller(refrigeration type industrial water chiller) /
(Optional)Bofa indoor Extractor Fume Filter
If you require spare parts, service visits or a laser technician for any reason, don't hestitate to call or email us. 

Main parameters of the 6040 laser cutter:

  • A 600 x 400mm work area
  • Machine footprint of 1100mm L x 815 W x 1000 H
  • Professional RDworks software(RDworks DSP controllers are more reliable than Leetro's MPC series controller which use Lasercut software.)
  • Operating system required Windows XP or above
  • USB Port for Communication Interface.
  • A Cutting depth 0-20mm acrylic
  • Engraving speed 1000mm/s
  • Cutting speed 600mm/s
  • Positioning precision 0.01mm
  • Minimum character size 1.5mm by 1.5mm
  • A 90W Co2 Laser tube to suit cutting requirements.
  • Software supported includes: CorelDraw, 2D Design, Art cut and Auto Cad.
  • Graphics supported: DXF, PLT, JPEG BMP.
  • Machine Driving method by stepper motors.
  • 280 mm adjustable Z-depth motorised table
  • Red-dot pointer system for easy and quick lining up of your work.
  • Slatted non-reflective anodised aluminium bar bed for supporting a wide range of material weights.
  • Flow sensors to protect your laser tube when operating.
  • Air assist to direct a constant stream of air and control heat.
  • 12 month warranty excluding consumables
  • Unlimited UK technical support by phone & email
  • Support of Fully trained specialist laser engineers.
  • Closed loop water system
  • Power supply 240v 50Hz
  • Net weight 165kg

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